Welcome to the small dining house at Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads in Østerbro. Bottega Estadio 1912 is a restaurant and wine bar in one, which welcomes guests to local comfort in Østerbro with dinner and selected snacks. In addition, we offer a wine list with wine from the best European regions as well as drinks.

Local world food

Our menu is a mix of Danish ingredients and Latin American and Mediterranean food traditions. Our chefs specialize in combining the nuances of flavor from the cold Nordic climate with the warm climes to the south and west of us. In this way, our menus, which are adapted to the seasons, depart both cold and hot. Both more literally with cold servings and dishes from the grill, but also in a more poetic way with cold-water oysters prepared such as ceviche, known from the Latin American countries.

Bottega Estadio