Here at Bottega Estadio we strive to select the best produce for our kitchen.

We take great pride ensuring that all of our herbs and vegetabels are sourced locally from sustainable

organic farms like Søtoftegaard and Birkemosegaard.

Together with Fiskerikajen we receive fresh deliveries of sustainably sourced fish and shellfish.

Estadios set menu

Sardines w. horseradish mayo, marianted olives & toasted bread

Charcuterie w. pickles

Mushrooms & nutes paté w. selected mushrooms, nuts, lingonberries & bread

Sandart ceviche w. sandart, pico de gallo, sangrita, fermented chili, chulpi & tostadas                                          

Gratinated Giga oysters from venø

Grilled seabass, brocolini & cheremoula sauce

Flan w. dulce de leche & lime cream

// 450 kr. pr. person

A la carte

Sourdough bread with cold pressed olive oil // 45 kr.

Sardines w. horseradish mayo, marinated olives, toasted bread // 95 kr.

Mushrooms and nuts pate w. selected mushrooms, nuts, lingonberries & bread // 65 kr.

Charcuterie with pickles w. selected charcuterie with homa made pickles // 125 kr.

Frito Mixto w. haddock, shrimps, baby squid & chipotle mayo // 170 kr.

Empanadas w. beef & chimichurri // 80 kr.

Kale friters w. green kale on a tapioca tempura w. lemon mayo and sour dikon & carrot salad // 75 kr.

Beets and feta salad w. oranges, onions and corn croutons // 95 kr.

Comté coliflower w. seared coliflower, comté sauce, mache sauce w. fresh salad on the side // 140 kr.

Bife de Chorizo w. 400 g, striplon steak with chimichurri and roasted leaks // 295 kr.

BBQ cod collar w. sticky cod collar marinated in BBQ sauce, fresh chermoula // 140 kr.

Dry aged grilled turbot w. roasted onions and pepper, fried capers and a side of new potatoes// 140 kr.